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Edimax Pro Office 1-2-3 Wi-Fi System Start Kit

Edimax Pro Office 1-2-3 Wi-Fi System Start Kit


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Simple and Secure Wi-Fi System for SMB Office - Easy, Complete, Expandable Office Wi-Fi System Easy Setup, Self-Managed & Pre-Configured Wi-Fi System - The Office 1-2-3 Office Wi-Fi System starter kit comes with three pre-configured access points that can communicate between themselves with self-managed functions for easy setup. License-Free Intutive UI, Simple yet Powerful - Built-in with the AP management software, no need for server or controller software and no extra license fee. The dedicated icon-based user interface of Office 1-2-3 can easily walk you through the entire process of setting up the Wi-Fi networks. Secure& Separated 3 Wi-Fi Networks - By default, each AP has three Wi-Fi networks: office, guest and device networks. For Wi-Fi network security, each network has its own secure authentication. Three Easy Ways of Authentication - Office networks use radius function that works like Wi-Fi access key. Enter the password once and it will remember. Each employee will have his/her own Wi-Fi access key. - Guest networks use SMS authentication and captive portal login. Administrators can print out account tickets for the guests and setup expiry time. - Device networks use access control list for equipment that are unable to enter account information. E-MAP and Wireless Scheduling - Featuring E-MAP shows wireless coverage and statgus of your APs and Wireless Scheduling lets network manger to define when to provide Wi-Fi services to guest, office or device networks. Optimal Wi-Fi Performance - Featuring with 11ac Wave 2 MU-MIMO, Beamforming, AirTime Fairness, Band Steering improved Wi-Fi range, reliability and performance Easy Setup - Get your office Wi-Fi up and running in minutes! 1. Connect the Office 1-2-3 APs to the existing network via switch. (APs can be powered on by PoE) 2. Download the IP Finder utility and the system will find the Office 1-2-3 APs automatically. 3.Follow the wizard instructions of web- and icon-based UI and e