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Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch ToughSwitch PoE PRO, 8x Gigabit Ethernet, 24V or 48V PoE Support - Also Known as ES-8XP-AU

Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch ToughSwitch PoE PRO, 8x Gigabit Ethernet, 24V or 48V PoE Support - Also Known as ES-8XP-AU


EdgeMax Switching
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Ubiquiti Networks Inc. has always been consistent with their proprietary products—reliable, efficient, revolutionary. As with the company’s other product packages, the TOUGHSwitch PoE Pro beams with pride as it has given the company’s name another prestigious recognition for its functionality and design.

Ethernet Controller Master
Boasting of advanced capacity and power on Ethernet controllers, Ubiquiti’s TOUGHSwitch PoE delivers dependable passive PoE and efficient connectivity to attached Ubiquiti devices and other relevant devices that equally support PoE.

Easy Connection Configuration
To have your PoE devices connected, you simple have to enable and activate the PoE in the TOUGHSwitch Configuration Interface that is easy to follow and use. To provide the PoE, each port can be configured separately. This also means both PoE and non-PoE devices can be connected.

The use-friendly configuration interface of TOUGHSwitch PoE is especially designed to provide easy setup and organized control. The TOUGHSwitch Configuration Interface, which can be accessed through a web browser and a secured management port, offers intuitive management that practically has a virtual view of the ports, showing PoE status, speed, and physical activity.

Facilitate Easy Deployment
Uniquiti Network’s TOUGHSwitch PoE empowers network engineers and architects to create and design simple, clean, and well-organized deployments. For instance, integrating a single TOUGHSwitch PoE Pro can help eliminate your need for PoE adapters, power outlets, Ethernet patch cables, or cords.

The utilization and deployment of Uniquiti Network’s TOUGHSwitch PoE encourages efficiency and considerably reduces possible failure points in your system—all these eventually brings about quick installations and very minimal troubleshooting and maintenance.