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Computer PC parts and accessories from leading brands

!Shortage Targus 90W Laptop Car Charger + Phone/Tablet Charge - Dual Charge/Includes 2.1A USB Fast Charging Port/Built to Manufacture standards


10' Screen Protector 3 layer for any 10' Tablet


13.3 LED EDP 1920*1080 TFT CHIMEI N133HSE-EB3


14.1' Grid by Targus High Impact Slipcase


17.3' QHD 4K panel only for Resistance 17.3' Notebooks - 3840 x 2160 IPS Matte LED


5V Car Chargerfor mobile


7' Screen Protector 3 layer for Nexus 7 or any 7' Tablet


7.85' Screen Protector 3 layer for IPAD Mini/any 7.85' tablet


8Ware Notebook Laptop Bag Carry Case w Shoulder Strap Light Weight Durable for Leader HP Asus Lenovo MS Surface Dell 17.3' 15.6' 14' 13.3' 13' 11.6'


AC ADAPTER 200W 19V 10.5A for SRVS1060G17M, Resistance VR Striker Series – GTX-1060


AC ADAPTER for SC787, 120W 19.5V 6.15A DC O/P 2P CHICONY (A12-120P1A) DOE ADD DOE+EAC+RCM


AC power adaptor 200W 19V 10.5A for SRVS1060G15M, Resistance VR Striker Series – GTX-1060


Adaptor for SRS-G60-15V3-4K ,150,19,C6,J1,BK,A15-150P1A,CCY


Adaptor for SRS-G60-15V4,SRE-G70-15V5, ADP,180,19.5,C6,J1,BK,A15-180P1A,CCY


Adaptor for SRS-GT50-15V4, ADP,120,19,C6,J1,BK,A15-120P1A,CCY


Amaze Tablet/Mobile AlarmStand Universial Display Alarm Stand


ASUS Stylus Only - Non Retail pack


Battery .P S LI 14.8V/4.1AH/60WH 4S1P for SRVS1060G15M & SRVS1060G17M & SRVE1070G15M & SRVE1070G17M, Resistance VR Striker & Enforcer Series


Battery 4cells for SRVE1070G15M& SRE-G70-15V2&SRE-G70-15V3&SRE-G70-17V2&SRE-G70-17V3, Resistance VR Enforcer Series – GTX-1070


Battery 7.6V/7000mAh for Leader 2 in 1 Convertible Companion351, SC351


Battery 8000mA for Leader Tab TBL-12W & 12WPRO


Battery for ASUS PL30 / UL30 8 cell


Battery for Gamingbook SRE-G70-15V5,SRS-G60-15V4 & SRS-GT50-15V4 BAT,3S1P,11.4,4,LP,VK,BK,GK5CN,GTC


Battery for Leader 2 in 1 Convertible Companion SC415/416, SC415PRO/416PRO, SC415RED/416RED, SC415BLUE/416BLUE, WTL-35100220P 9000mAh 3.8V


Battery for Leader Companion 306, SC306


Battery for SC787.P S LI 11.1V/5.6AH/62WH 3S2P GETAC/SANYO (TEXTURE) CQC 541388680002


Battery for SRS-G60-15V3-4K ,3S1P,11.4,4.1,LP,MC,BK,GI5KN,MCN


Battery replaceprogram W100 To be replaced at 18 months


Brateck 2-IN-1 Aluminum Tablet Desk Clamp Holder (Desk Stand/Wall Mount) For Most 7'-10.4' Tablets


Brateck 2in1 Adjustable Aluminium Laptop Stand – Supports any Notebook/Laptop under 10.”-15.6” Size & Ultrathin notebook under 16mm thickness.(LS)


Brateck Anti-Theft Secure Enclosure Countertop Stand for iPad- Black with Adjustable Height Functio For 9.7' iPad/iPad Ai


Brateck Anti-Theft Secure Enclosure Floor Stand for  iPad 2,3,4,Air &Air 2 - Black


Brateck Anti-theft Steel Floor Standing Kiosk


Brateck Anti-theft Steel Floor Standing Kiosk


Brateck Deluxe Aluminium Desktop Stand for most 11''-17'' Laptops


Brateck Multi-functional Tablet Mount For most 7'-10.1' tablets


Brateck Steel Laptop Holder Fits10'-15.6' for most desk mounts with standard 75x75/100x100 VESA plate


Brateck Tilted Aluminum Laptop Stand, Compatible with Macbooks, most 11-15” laptops and tablets


Brateck Wall Mount Anti-Theft Secure Enclosure for iPad 2,iPad 3,iPad 4,iPad Air&iPad Air 2-Black


Cygnett 10' Yellow Sleeve Protective Tablet Sleeve (LS)


Cygnett ElementProof 7' Protective Tablet Sleeve (LS)


Deepcool M-Desk F1 Ergonomic Monitor Stand Up To 27' & 10kg W/ Audio & 4x USB


Deepcool M-Desk F1 Monitor Stand Up To 27' & 10kg W/ Audio & 4x USB, GREY


Deepcool M-DESK F3 Smart Monitor Stand With USB 3.0 Hub


Deepcool Multi Core X6 Notebook Cooler 15.6' With 2x140mm, 2x100mm Fans, Step Switch & 2 USB


Deepcool Multi Core X8 Notebook Cooler 15.6' Max, 4x 100mm Fans, Pure Al Panel, 2x USB, Fan Control


Deepcool N1 Notebook Cooler (Up to 15.6'), Super Flat Metal Mesh, 180mm Fan, Black


Deepcool N180 FS Notebook Cooler (Up To 17'), 2 Viewing Angles, 180mm Fan, USB Pass-through


Deepcool N6000 Notebook Cooler Black (Up to 17'), Blue LED, 200mm Fan, Storage Cage, 2x USB


Deepcool N80 RGB Gaming Notebook Cooler 16.7 Million Colours (Up to 17.3' Notebooks)


Deepcool U Hub 15.6' Notebook Cooler Hub/Stand, Aluminium Panel, 1x USB 3.0 Input, 4x USB 3.0 Out, Silver/Grey


Deepcool Wind Pal Mini Notebook Cooler Black 15.6' Max, Metal Mesh, 140mm Fan, Blue LED, USB Passthrough